CWC Cincinnati is committed to providing a rigorous, high-quality education to a racial, ethnic and socioeconomically diverse community of families. CWC Schools are intentionally designed to reflect their surrounding communities in terms of race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status–among students and staff. 

Our network of schools seek to broaden the definition of what success looks like, beyond the traditional core academic focus, so that the education DNA of our schools allows our students to realize their full potential by intertwining academic mastery with strands for social emotional development (SED) and difference and inclusion (DI). Our goal is for student “success” to include mastery of both content and emotions, so that students can meaningfully connect with each other, be part of any community, and courageously decide who they are in the world and how they want the world to be.

Core Academics

Our classrooms are challenging – and joyful – learning environments that engage children through project-based learning opportunities tailored to their personal experiences, strengths and needs.

Social Emotional Development

Learning is a social experience, and our schools focus on building the social emotional development of each student, so that academic achievement goes hand-in-hand with the social interactions of life. We meet each student where they are and ensure that all students have access to a rigorous and well-rounded education. 

Difference and Inclusion

When we think about today’s newspaper headlines and the struggles that we face as adults, we know that our children, more than ever, are going to have to learn to work well across lines of racial, cultural, economic, and any other number of differences. We embrace and highlight the diversity in our community throughout the school day so that each student feels seen, heard, known and valued.